Atelier Lune was founded 2016 in Aix-en-Provence in the South of France. My name is Patricia Back and I have been working as a fashion editor for two of Sweden’s largest fashion/lifestyle magazines for over 15 years. An inspiring job where I met different kind of people as I have styled many of the Swedish celebs and also travelled for all the fashionshows in Paris, London and Milan etc. I am Swedish and have been living in Stockholm for many years. When we had our third child, my husband and I started to think about doing something different with our lives. After a few years we had the opportunity to try our wings in France, so we took the chance and moved together with our kids.

I am a very creative person, and now I suddenly had the opportunity to start painting. We rented a beautiful house, actually the same place where the famous artist Paul Cezanne used to do all his paintings in our garden!

I paint with acrylics as I feel I don’t have time to wait for oil paint to dry. Also, when I paint, I´m using different steps. My paintings are mostly abstract as I am too restless to spend my time creating a never ending story with too much details.

My love for interiors led me to ideas of starting something by myself. In my homeland Sweden, we spend a lot of time in our homes. We build up our lives around our home environment, maybe due to the cold winter months. For me, especially as I have my three kids to take care of, my home is important and should be a place I want to be in and spend time with family and friends.

After spending time in our beautiful house in France I started to realize how much impact  textile, as curtains actually have for a room. You hardly need anything else except a bed, a desk and pillows of course! Textiles really bring a warm feeling and atmosphere to a room.

My kids are really an inspiration source to me. They help me remember how it is being a child. South of France has a lot of influences from Africa and Marocco which have inspiered me a lot. The really old beautiful French design is also a big source to me.

The star pattern in my collection has come out from tiles, seen here in France and the pineapple from all the Mediterranian and exotic palm trees, that looks like a big pineapple.

With an ethnic touch from the fringes in the pillows and the stone washed linen, I will give you that sun bleached warm feeling of a blue-green ocean and a summer that never ends!

The journey has just started and I hope you want to join me!

With Love Patricia!