Product info


Linen is one of our most beautiful fabrics and all the wrinkles, natural look and feeling gives us that unique product that we often are looking for. The curtains and pillows from Atelier Lune are 100 % organic and made from linen of the highest quality. The linen have been washed and softened just to bring that luxury look and feeling and to add softness in the colours. Linen is a natural material, each piece is unique and therefore can it be differences in the fabric structure.

There are three colours: Bleached pink, Sunday grey and Blue lagoon. There are two different patterns, stars and pineapples. Both patterns are printed onto the fabric in the old traditional screen print in metallic copper or silver.



The curtains have 8 long straps, both for the look and to make it easier to tie it wherever you want it to be. Make the most out of your curtain and just use your fantasy as the limit and it will change or blend in to any room in just a minute. Why not a curtain in a doorpost, to divide a room or instead of doors for the wardrobe? Use it in a classic way in a window or hang two curtains on same side. Let the curtains hang straight down or hook them halfway up.

Hang the curtains as a canopy over the kids’ bed and sleep under the stars or make it to a tent in a corner, a cosy place for the kids to read or play in. For real creative places it can fit in as a theatre curtain and the show has just began!

The patterns suits the baby, the teenager or why not in your room?



The pillows have a short fringe on two sides to get an ethnical look and you close it with a hidden zip.

You can never have too much pillows. Using pillows are an easy way to change the look of a bed, sofa or a chair. You can also do as the kids just place them on the floor, where they all end up anyway. It makes it to the perfect spot to sit on and relax. Make a classic wooden bench softer or use it as backrest against the wall. The pillows suits perfect as a beautiful decoration, wherever help is needed! Voilà!